Keep Consistency in your web designs with the ColorFont Chrome Extension

How Does This 
Chrome Extension Work? 

Switching between pages and tabs, searching for attributes to use in your design is time consuming.  You design one page, than move on to the next page flipping back and forth.  Maybe you keep an excel or doc file listing all the colors and fonts you use for your design.  I'm sure you've gotten good at remembering where you keep that file, right?
With ColorFont, the Chrome extension loads on the same page you are designing on, storing colors and fonts for easy access.  

Are you using TWO different extensions for this task?  Is your Extension bar getting a little cluttered?  

That's why we combined it to one extension.

Color Tab Benefits

"Was it #ffffff or was it a slightly off white?"

Are you having to continually going back thru your pages and seeing colors slightly off?  Keep a reference of your colors nearby and keep your designs congruent.
  • Find Color: Find a color on any part of your page.
  • Palette Search: Select a right color from the pallet that you need.  Also find and store alpha colors in the palette search.
  • Copy and Paste: Copy the color to your clipboard with one button so you can easily paste in your page.

Font Tab Benefits

Can you name all the fonts?  I know I can't, and I don't want to.  With so many fonts that can be used, why get hung up on that looks close enough?
  • Find on Page: Just like the eye dropper for colors, find the font and attributes from your page or any page 
  • Save and Store: Save attributes for later use.
  • Remove Clutter: Label to where you used or found the font, and remove the ones you no longer use.

Simplify Your Design Process

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